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Now that the White House and the Cabinet are full of Billionaires looking to reform the tax code, hmmmmm . . .

Now that the White House and the Cabinet are full of Billionaires looking to reform the tax code, hmmmmm . . .

Why don’t Billionaires and Corporate Giants come out of the closet? Why do they use the working and middle classes as their human shields when going into battle with Congress to get more of the American economic pie? What don’t they just come out and say, “We deserve 99% of the wealth produced in this country, and we don’t want to share it with people who are not like us and are not capable of creating jobs. The 99% should just be content with wages and tighten their appetites, and if they have mental and physical disabilities–that’s what charity is for, not government. Billionaires are an endangered species, far outnumbered by the rest of the population, and we need protection and special treatment.”

Instead, these self-described “job-creators” use the working stiff, the veteran, and the traditional Mom and her apple pie as their foils. They pretend, and we let them, that all the tax cuts and profit protections that they have purposefully carved out of the economy are essential to the survival of us all. They argue, and too many believe them, that American workers’ wages, pensions, government services, and infrastructure must be sacrificed so that they can do their jobs of “creating jobs.” And yet the jobs they create are not living wage jobs or, more truthfully, are not created at all. Benefits like paid leave, health insurance, and pensions have gone the way of the Dodo bird except for executives and top management in this country. And when Americans are thwarted and angry at their dwindling opportunities and benefits, our friends, the Billionaires, tell us to blame government regulation, immigrants, minorities, gays, abortion–anything and anyone but them. And many people do.

My mother had a phrase when she wanted to warn me about friends who might take advantage of me. I think a paraphrase of her wisdom applies here:

With “friends” like these Billionaires, us working stiffs don’t need enemies.