Oligarchy is the New Democracy

We have a problem in America. A handful of powerful people, exemplified by Donald Trump, have decided that the nation is best preserved by serving them. They have taken practically all of the profit of a massive labor force for themselves, and under Donald Trump, they continue to gain freedoms to pollute the environment, cut the benefits of working people (including health care and full-time jobs), and evade taxation to keep the basic infrastructure and social safety net of this country viable. And when the social fabric begins to fray, and the protests begin, they will inevitably blame black people, poor people, immigrants, and the first black President Barack Obama. Sadly, desperate people who don’t follow the news cycle and investigative reporting will probably go along with this creeping tyranny. It has happened before. Ask Europeans.

When corporate earnings are strong, as they are now, but the “economy” is sluggish in terms of the number and quality of jobs created, what does that tell us? Stockholders of this new oligarchy in America are thriving because they are not reinvesting in workers or worker security. In fact, profit and stockholder confidence are directly tied to how cheaply corporations can get away with the payroll. No one is working to turn the tide of part-time jobs with no benefits as a model for the marketplace. In fact, the economy is sluggish and working people are demoralized because jobs that provide benefits like leave, health care, and pensions (so common after WWII) are rare for the average worker. Unemployment is not just about the need for job creation; it’s about the need for quality working and middle class job creation. You can’t do that without giving up some of the enormous profits our American oligarchs are raking in.

This might have gone on for years without being exposed for what it really is–the rise of an American oligarchy disguised as nationalism and working class simple values–a turd wrapped in a Republican cloth coat. I never would have put the words “oligarch” and “American” together if Donald Trump was not demonstrating every day that Vladimir Putin is his mentor and likely puppet master. Clearly, Trump is using the Presidency to advance his family’s financial and political power, and he is drawn to Putin as a model for how to make Democracy a profit center for a handful of individuals, especially himself, and how to pardon his family and himself for criminal and treasonous acts. An oligarchy is a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. A turd by any other name is still a turd.

The question is: will the American people and our elected leaders eat it?


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