About Me

K.F. Thurber with Horse Friend Charlie

Young adult and historical fiction writer, college instructor, racehorse rescuer. Word nerd, puzzle geek. Movie and theater fan going back to the Greeks, I kid you not. Ask me anything.

Proud member of #WeNeedDiverseBooks.
Opinions my own.

I won an essay contest in the Seventh Grade, and kept on winning throughout high school. Back then, the only things I liked more than writing were horses and potato chips. This made me a brainy oddball in my home town of Maple Shade, New Jersey, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, and not far from the Jersey Shore. So, they made me the first ever girl editor-in-chief of the high school newspaper in 1970, and this only served to encourage my addiction to words and the habit of speaking my mind. I came of age in “interesting times,” the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  From historic events like the Civil Rights Movement, the Kennedy and King assassinations, and the Vietnam War to the pop culture revolutions in music, fashion, and all kinds of “identity,” I progressed straight from my working-class roots to college and a liberal education. I tried other professions (law, acting, politics), but just as it was with horses and potato chips, it turned out that there were only two things I really loved: raising three brilliant daughters with Bob Thurber, and anything to do with writing. I have published editorials on public policy and social justice, and articles about everything from nuclear energy to race horse rescue. I have published a Middle School/Young Adult novel about a Cajun-Chicano boy growing up in the inner city of Minneapolis, Paris Thibideaux & the World of Lost Things. I lived for over twenty years in Powderhorn Park Neighborhood, the setting for Paris’s story. Now I teach English Composition at a community college in central New York, and work in the Writing Center helping students with all kinds of writing challenges. It’s good to work at something you love.


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